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MEDICAL, the ideal choice for plants for the distribution of medical gases and vacuum systems.

Manufactured according to the most modern  technologies on the current world market, in observance of European standard EN 13348, the result of scientific studies and tests that guarantee the maximum compatibility for distributing the following gases and systems:

- oxygen, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, helium, carbon dioxide, xenon;
- air for breathing;
- specific mixtures of these gases mentioned above;
- air for operating surgical instruments;
- anaesthetic gases and vapours;
- vacuum

 Alloy Cu-DHP CW024A (Cu = 99.90% min. - P = 0.015 0.040%)
 Physical state according to EN 1057 Annealed R220 Half-hard R250 Hard R290
 Unit tensile strength R min. 220 N/mm 250 N/mm 290 N/mm
 Percentage elongation A min. 40% 30% 3%
 Total carbon C ≤ 0.02 g/m in compliance with standard EN 13348
 Inner surface Glossy
 Marking on tube SILMET MEDICAL EN 13348 X sp. Year quarter
 Dimensions and tolerances In compliance with standard EN 13348
 Internal surface roughness RA - 1/10 of micron
 Linear thermal expansion coefficient 0.00168 mm/m C
 Thermal conductivity at 20C 364 W/m K
 * the symbol III is only present in the half-hard physical state
 external nominal nominal thickness e
diameter d mm
mm 0,7 0,8 0,9 1 1,2 1,5 2
8   R V   R V      
10   R V   R V      
12       R V      
15 R V     R V      
18       R V      
22     R V R V   R V  
28     V V   V  
35         V V  
42         V V  
54         V V V
R tubes in coils                                                                        
V tubes in straight lengths                                                                  
Please contact our commercial office for availabilities and feasibility of these measurements:  

MEDICAL Copper Tube
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