Technological Copper Evolution

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Quality System



The Silmet S.p.A. Quality Management System is certified according to standard ISO 9001:2015.

The certification Body is SGS Italia, world leader in the sector.

Since 1994 Silmet's Quality System has undergone twice-yearly checks carried out by the external certification Body.


The currently valid certificate expires in June 2018.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
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CE - EN 1057 Declaration of Performance
Ref. EU 305/2011 - 97/23/EC
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Seamless round copper tubes with an outside diameter of 6 mm - 133 mm, manufactured according to EN 1057 standard, comply with the requirements of the following EC Directives, when installed according to national regulations

- EU 305/2011 CPR
- 97/23/EC EU Pressure Equipment Directive
Product certifications
Silmet S.p.A. holds numerous product homologations for the countries listed below:                      
France AFNOR
Germany RAL DVGW
Great Britain BSI
Poland IGNIG
Hungary EMI-RT
Russia GOST-R
Croatia ZIK
Rumania AR
Homologated Silmet products undergo periodic checks to test that they comply with national reference standards and/or regulations.
Request for a copy of the homologation certificate